Masterson: Deep Space Nine Holds Up



Over fifteen years after the show ended, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is still holding up well, according to Chase Masterson.

Those who worked on the show knew that it was a good show at the time, with compelling stories.

“We knew what we had when we had it,” said Masterson. “That’s one of the best things you can ever say about anything, and it’s true of Deep Space Nine. Ira Behr said during the fifth season that he thought the show would hit its popularity after production wrapped, when the show was in syndication and people could basically binge-watch. As a cast, we knew that the stories that Ira and his team were telling were transcendent. And that’s why Michael Piller and Ira took the risk to make it one of the first serialized shows on TV. That was a lot of confidence to have in the audience because it hadn’t really been done before. And look what it’s given way to: Ron Moore, David Weddle, Bradley Thompson, René Echevarria, Rob Wolfe — so many top writers came out of Deep Space Nine.”

Masterson said that she still hears about how well the show holds up, years after it went off the air. “Every single day, I hear people say how the show holds up, over fifteen years after we wrapped. Deeply flawed characters, with complicated, messy relationships, hashing out their lives. Boldly going, but not across universes. Boldly going across the boundaries of war — sometimes between species and sometimes within ourselves. We’re the final frontier.”


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