Byrne’s New Visions Future Issue



For fans of John Byrne‘s New Visions photo-comics, Byrne gave an update on where future stories would go.

In Issue Seven of the series, a familiar Trek guest character will appear.

IDW Star Trek New Visions Gary Seven page in progressIssue Seven will feature Gary Seven, from Assignment: Earth. A preview page, seen at the left (click on thumbnail), includes Gary Seven, Captain Kirk and an alien ship. According to The Trek Collective, it appears that there will be a rooftop chase of some sort, and a visit inside the alien ship.

The issue due out next month, Star Trek New Visions #5 A Scent of Ghosts, will include A Scent of Ghosts and Memoriam. This issue will take fans back to the Christopher Pike-era of Star Trek.

“I’m bracing for some exploding heads among those who insist we started on Day One of the Five Year Mission, and everybody but Chekov (and possibly McCoy) joined the ship then,” said Byrne, referring to the Pike-era issue. “Spock was already there, of course.

“Kinda made sense to me that others might have been aboard before Kirk, too. Scotty seemed logical. And there was a more prosaic reason for using Kelso: Paul Carr had signed off on the use of his likeness, but Peter Duryea had not.”

Issue 6 will feature the Borg.

Source: The Trek Collective

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