2016 Star Trek Calendars



It’s still early 2015, but fans looking ahead to 2016 now have an idea what to expect when it comes to Star Trek calendars.

Next year, instead of four Trek calendars, there will be five.

The calendars include an original series calendar, the 2016 Daily Calendar (in a command/anniversary golden cover), a 2015-2016 16-Month Executive Engagement Calendar, the 2016 Ships of the Line Calendar, and a 2015-2016 16-month Calendar Poster.

The last calendar is the new entry, and is an expanded version of the Ships of the Line calendar; featuring cover artwork from the first Ships of the Line book.

The 2016 calendars will be available beginning in August.

Click on images for larger photos. Note that the calendar image artwork is preliminary and may change between now and August.

Universe Publishing Star Trek The Original Series 2016 calendar coverUniverse Publishing Star Trek 2016 Daily Calendar coverUniverse Publishing Star Trek Ships of the Line 2016 cover




Universe Publishing Star Trek 2016 Engagement Calendar front coverUniverse Publishing Star Trek 16 month 2016 calendar poster









Source: StarTrek.com

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