WizKids/Star Trek Online Caption Contest

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A new contest featured on Facebook will be of interest to Star Trek fans.

The caption contest comes courtesy of WizKids and Star Trek Online/Perfect World Entertainment.

Both WizKids and Perfect World Entertainment will “make a post with an image for players on Facebook to caption. WizKids will post an in-game screenshot taken from Star Trek Online, while Perfect World Entertainment will post an image of the physical Borg Cube and Star Trek: Attack Wing. Players can submit their captions by commenting.”

Prizes will include:

  • First Place (2) – Star Trek: Attack Wing Cube
  • Second Place (2)  – Star Trek: Attack Wing Deep Space Nine
  • Third Place (2) – Star Trek: Attack Wing Miniatures Game Starter Set

The contest begins today and ends Friday at 4 PM EST. To enter, head to the links located here and here.

Source: StarTrek.com

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