The Next Generation Formal Mess Dress Uniform Jacket



AnovosCaptain’s and Officer’s Formal Mess Dress uniforms are now in the pre-order phase.

Two versions of the uniform seen in Star Trek: Insurrection and Star Trek: Nemesis will be released; one captain’s version and one officer’s version.

For the Officer’s Formal Mess Dress uniform, “utilizing production and screen-used pieces, Anovos has replicated the two-tone cream and gray waist-length jacket that features replicated piping and decorative details. These details and waist-length Mess Dress Tunic lent to a striking formal uniform that was a distinctive departure from the black and gray-mauve duty uniforms that debuted in Star Trek: First Contact and were used throughout the following Next Generation feature films, and this jacket is sure to turn heads at any formal occasion.”

The Officer’s Formal Mess Dress uniform comes in three department colors; Command Burgundy, Services Mustard, and Sciences Teal Green.

Both the Captain’s and Officer’s Formal Mess Dress uniform come in sizes ranging from small through XX-large. The pre-order price is currently set at $254.95, and this second-tier price will expire on January 16. After that, the final tier of pricing will see a pre-order price of $299.95 for each tunic jacket.

To pre-order either of the Formal Mess Dress uniforms, head to the links located here for the Captain’s version or here for the Officer’s version.

Source: The Trek Collective

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