Stewart Career Regrets



Sir Patrick Stewart has done well in his career, but there was a price to be paid for his success.

Stewart regrets the time spent away from his family as he was building his career.

“When I got married and I had children, I missed huge amounts of time,” he said. “I would see my kids on Sundays if I was lucky. It was hard on my kids.”

Stewart’s recent movie, Match, which opens next week, features Stewart as a renowned ballet teacher “who sacrificed any semblance of a personal life for a career as a professional dancer.”

The relaxed shooting schedule and proximity to Stewart’s apartment were appreciated by the actor.

Match was filmed ten minutes from Stewart’s home, and the actor enjoyed getting to spend time with his third wife, Sunny Ozell, during the leisurely shoot. “We had our breakfast and our lunch sitting at the kitchen table of [our] apartment,” he said. “I would take my naps or rests whenever I could get them on my bed in the apartment. It was home.”

Source: Daily News

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