Stewart Appearance On Conan



Last night, Sir Patrick Stewart appeared on Conan.

Some of the topics covered included Stewart receiving his knighthood, debunking a pizza eating rumor, and obscene gestures in America vs. in the UK.

Getting the knighthood was “a big deal for me because it was totally unexpected,” said Stewart. “It almost didn’t happen because it came, the invitation to accept or not this honor, came in a brown envelope and it was put into a plastic shopping bag — with a whole lot of other mail — and when I arrived at my destination that weekend, I put it in the closet and found it ten days later.”

Stewart also set straight the “never had pizza before” rumor, which came about after he posted a picture on Twitter last year showing the actor eating a slice. “There was a big misunderstanding about it,” said Stewart. “Of course I’ve had pizza but that was my first slice. I had never gone into a restaurant before and asked for a slice. I didn’t know such a thing existed.”

In the last clip, Stewart learned that Americans economize when it comes to their obscene gestures. He had held up his first two fingers backward to say “two,” and apologized because he realized that he had made what would be an obscene gesture in the UK. Conan explained that Americans “economize” and only use the one finger. “I love the finger,” said Stewart, to the delight of the audience.

Source: Press Release

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