Pine Responds To Pegg Writer Announcement



Fellow castmate Simon Pegg is co-writing Star Trek 3, and Chris Pine is perfectly fine with that.

Pine couldn’t resist joking about it though, while speaking at the Sundance Film Festival recently.

“We are worried,” joked Pine, who was at Sundance to do press for his new movie Z for Zachariah. Pine added that the script would now contain “vast, vast Simon Pegg monologues.”

Pegg had notified his fellow actors about his change in status. “Yeah, he sent an e-mail to all of us, and we’re all really excited,” said Pine. “What we enjoy about it is that we have a laugh. We want to make sure that that’s still embedded in there, so to have Simon writing it is the perfect fit.”

But having a fellow acting writing the script doesn’t mean the actors will get a sneak peek though. “We are quite literally the last people in production to read the script,” said Pine. “I get calls from…Catering, they’re like, ‘Hey, great script man! You have some fun stuff to do!'”

Source: MTV

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