Official Starships Collection Klingon D4



The fourth oversized Official Starships Collection model will be of interest to Klingon fans.

The ship will be a D4 class Bird of Prey, seen in Star Trek into Darkness.

The Star Trek into Darkness “Klingon Patrol ship,” will go on sale in the UK in February, and in the US in late April.

In the accompanying magazine, expect discussion about the design process and rejected Klingon ship concepts. “There are a ton of rejected Klingon ship concepts,” said Official Starships Collection Manager Ben Robinson, “and the final ship did a lot more than I realized after just watching the movie. ”

The oversized model will sell for $38.00, but can be pre-ordered at TFaw.comics for $30.40. To pre-order this ship, head to the link located here.

Source: The Trek Collective

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