New Honor For Takei



The Human Rights Campaign Foundation (HRC) has announced that George Takei will be honored in February.

The event will take place at HRC’s Time to Thrive conference which takes place in Portland, Oregon.

The Time to Thrive conference “attracts hundreds of adults who play crucial roles in the everyday lives of LGBTQ youth – from teachers, counselors, clergy, and coaches, to staff from youth development organizations including scouting and Boys and Girls Clubs,” and offers more “than fifty workshops on topics such as creating safe and inclusive schools, and supporting transgender and gender-expansive youth.”

Best-known for his work on Star Trek, Takei has 1.47 million followers on Twitter, and 8.2 million on Facebook, where Takei promotes the “equality and dignity of all human beings.”

“I spent most of my life and career in the closet, because when I was starting out as a young man, you couldn’t be openly gay and have a successful career,” said Takei. “I have seen so much change in my lifetime – even in the years since I came out publicly.

“Yet LGBTQ youth still face so many negative influences that put them at a disadvantage and make their lives more difficult. It’s a privilege for me to be a part of Time to Thrive, where we can come together with LGBTQ youth, and those who work directly with them, and talk about the changes that these young people need to see in order to ensure their safety, inclusion and well-being.”

The Time to Thrive conference will take place February 13-15 at the Hilton Portland and Executive Tower in Portland, Oregon. For more information, head to the link located here.

Source: LGBT Weekly

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