Clark Details Trek Books

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In a new podcast at The Captains’ Table, Simon & Shuster Star Trek books editor Margaret Clark tells fans what to expect from this year’s Trek books.

For fans of Deep Space Nine books, it will be a good year.

In July, Sacraments of Fire (David R. George III) will debut. This book will be set shortly after the events of The Fall, and will explain how the crew of the “new DS9” reacts to the historic events.

“It’s mere days after Bacco’s assassination. …What happens to all of these people realizing, the first thing that’s going to be written about the new station’s history, is that Nanietta Bacco was assassinated here.”

Also – expect to see Ben Sisko staying closer to home “because of what happened in The Fall.”

Other podcast topics include Titan, a “return of some technology from the 23rd century,” Voyager, a Pike-era story (Child of Two Worlds by Greg Cox), New Frontier, and various eBooks.

But for those hoping for a new Data “post-resurrection” story, they will have to wait a bit longer, as Clark only wants Data to be used for “something really special.”

The podcast, which runs almost forty-nine minutes, can be found here.

Source: The Trek Collective

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