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For Sir Patrick Stewart, his Star Trek days are behind him and he’s unlikely to revisit the franchise as an actor.

Stewart made his comments about Star Trek at the Chivas Legends Dinner, where he was recognized for his film and television achievements.

When asked if he could ever be tempted to reprise his role in Star Trek, Stewart said, “Well, it would have to be a very big temptation – and I’m not talking about money. I mean, it would have to be a new, exciting and unusual idea. I’m very proud of the seven years, the 178 episodes and four movies we made. I’m also proud that we’ve helped sustain the popularity of a franchise that’s still ongoing. So, if J.J. Abrams or Paramount were to come up with a really novel idea, then I think it might possibly be entertaining. But I can tell you now, it ain’t gonna happen.”

Stewart will be seen next year on a new television comedy to be produced by Seth MacFarlane, called Blunt Talk, where he will take on the role of a Stephen Colbert-type British TV host of a cable news show. The actor is thrilled to be working on a comedy show. “I’ve had an urge to do more comedy for years, but I was so rarely offered parts,” he said. “The most memorable figures I’ve played, from Charles Xavier of X-Men or Jean-Luc Picard of Star Trek, are not exactly full of laughs. But in recent years, I’ve been able to show another face of Patrick Stewart, which I hope is amusing, self-mocking, irreverent and sometimes even a bit coarse.”

Source: The National

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