Orci Addresses Star Trek 3 Rumors



Roberto Orci spoke up about his departure from the director’s chair on Star Trek 3 and his involvement in the movie.

Although he is no longer directing the film, Orci told fans over at TrekMovie that he will “be very involved.”

Orci is “still excited to make Trek 3,” he said, and promised that the movie will still be “on time,” in spite of the change of directors. “We’ll find the right director.”

As for the rumors about Paramount not liking a time-travel story put forth, Orci said that this was not the case. “No time travel was ever considered, fyi,” he said.

One poster told Orci that “if the script gets trashed, Bob should post a synopsis.”

“I can’t at the moment,” said Orci, “but someday.”

Another poster quoted Kirk’s advice to Picard, saying, “Don’t let them do ANYTHING to take you out of that chairs. Because while you’re there, you can make a difference.” Orci replied that he had “not forgotten. On the contrary, factored into decision. [There] are bigger chairs to consider.”

Source: Slashfilmvia TrekMovie

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