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According to the rumor mill, the reason Roberto Orci is gone from Star Trek 3 was because Paramount wasn’t happy with the script for the movie.

And with a director vacancy, fans have mounted a campaign to bring in a familiar Trek face to director’s chair.

Badass Digest reported that they had “been in touch with some folks and it seems like the script was one of the problem factors. Paramount shut the production down last month, sending home all the design people while they battled over the direction of the screenplay.”

Supposedly, the Star Trek 3 story involved “the Enterprise, the Vulcans and a new alien race competing to get a time travel device. The Vulcans want to go back and stop the destruction of their planet, and the time travel schtick is what would allow Chris Pine and William Shatner to share the screen.”

With the exit of Orci, the film needs a new director. Fans are hoping to see Jonathan Frakes at the helm this time. They’ve set up a Facebook page hoping to catch Paramount‘s attention, and also have a hashtag on Twitter, #BringInRiker. Frakes directed the very well-received Star Trek: First Contact back in 1996.

Source: Latino Postvia Treknews

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