Saldana: Women Issues In Hollywood



Star Trek into DarknessZoë Saldana would like to see more diversity in movies and the playing field more level for women working in Hollywood.

If you’re female in Hollywood, “You have to fight harder; you have to be better; you can’t rest,” she said. “It’s not okay. We need more women.”

The actress is also unhappy about the double standard when it comes to nudity on television. “I like to see penises,” she said. “Oh, but they’re not gonna show that? That’s a rated R? But my [vagina] and my butt crack is PG-13 for national television? I want to see a penis on national television.”

Saldana also believes that women face a double standard when it comes to having a family. “We work in a business that’s very anxiety driven,” she said, “because you’re afraid of missing [out.]’Oh if I don’t go, or if I…if I get pregnant now then somebody else will get the job,” she said. “You need to trust that there are people out there are like you, that they will remember this, that they will honor it. That…they will call you back. Motherhood is a part of life, so, let’s accommodate for it.”

Source: Latinavia E Online

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