Quinto Out100 Magazine Cover

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Zachary Quinto is one of the stars featured on a recent cover of Out magazine.

Quinto joins three others who are on the cover in honor of the 20th anniversary issue of Out magazine’s Out100.

In addition to the cover, Quinto was named Artist of the Year.

“I am humbled by the company among whom I am counted,” he said. “the great works begins anew everyday. Stand up. Be true.”

Quinto also reminded those in the LGBT community to not drop their guard when it comes to AIDS. “I think there’s a tremendous sense of complacency in the LGBT community,” he said. “AIDS has lost the edge of horror it possessed when it swept through the world in the ’80s. Today’s generation sees it more as something to live with and something to be much less fearful of. And that comes with a sense of, dare I say, laziness.”

Others featured in 20th Annual issue covers include Ellen Page, Sam Smith, and Samira Wiley.

Source: E! Onlinevia Zachary Quinto's Instagram Account

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