New QMx USS Reliant Model

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A second artisan replica of the USS Reliant from QMx has been announced.

This replica of the USS Reliant will come in a 1:350 scale model.

Earlier this year, the 1:250 scale model of the USS Reliant debuted, and this smaller version will be a little friendlier to the wallet than that model, coming in at just under $5,000.

Sixty-eight centimeters in length (roughly 27″), the new USS Reliant will have all of the usual quality and details from a QMx model, and the model can be customized with “options to change the base, add battle damage, etc.”

This new USS Reliant is the same scale as a QMx replica USS Enterprise refit, so that both ships seen in Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan can be had by the collector in the same scale.

Only two-hundred-and-fifty of the USS Reliant 1:350 will be created. For more details on the USS Reliant 1:350, head to the link located here.

Source: The Trek Collectivevia QMx

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