Shatner Twitter Misunderstanding



A short tweet from William Shatner set off a firestorm online.

The tweet, posted in the wee hours this morning, said “I’m baaaaccckk!!!”

What Shatner (or his writer) meant was that he was back in the USA after appearing at Destination Star Trek 3 last weekend.

But some interpreted the tweet as confirmation that he would be back in the next Star Trek movie. Several sites, including the Hollywood Reporter, ran stories with the tweet saying that it confirmed Shatner’s presence in Star Trek 3.

Annoyed, Shatner fired back. “I’m baaaccck in L.A.,” he said. “I heard Mercury is in retrograde so I suppose we can expect craziness.”

Supposedly both Shatner and Leonard Nimoy have been approached regarding the movie, and so any secrecy about them possibly being in the film is already gone. From where I sit, either say they’re in or say they’re out. Dragging out the secrecy regarding the possibility of their appearance is, at this point, rather futile and rather tiresome.

Source: Vulture

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