New Trek Puzzles

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Two new Trek-themed puzzles from Aquarius will be of interest to fans of both Star Trek and jigsaw puzzles.

They include the Star Trek Enterprise Two-sided Puzzle, and the Star Trek Cast Slim Puzzle.

The Star Trek Enterprise Two-sided Puzzle has a different scene on each side of the puzzles. The six-hundred-piece puzzle features the original series USS Enterprise on one side, and images from various original series episodes on the other.

Measuring 33″ x 11.25″ in width and length, this puzzle sells for $19.99 regularly and can be ordered on Amazon for $16.19.

The Star Trek Cast Slim Puzzle contains one thousand pieces, and features the seven regular cast members from the original series.

12″ x 36″ in size, the Star Trek Cast Slim Puzzle can also be ordered from Amazon, where it sells for $14.99.

Source: The Trek Collective

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