Deep Space Nine: The Missing



At the end of the year, a new Deep Space Nine book, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Missing, will debut.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Missing was written by Una McCormack with a cover designed by Doug Drexler.

Some familiar characters from The Next Generation will also be appearing in Deep Space Nine: The Missing.

In The Missing, “the entire sector is waiting to see what the newly reopened Bajoran wormhole will mean for the shifting political landscape in the Alpha Quadrant. On Deep Space 9, Captain Ro Laren is suddenly drawn into the affairs of the People of the Open Sky, who have come to the station in search of sanctuary. Despite the opposition of the station’s security officer, Jefferson Blackmer, Ro Laren and Deep Space 9’s new CMO, Doctor Beverly Crusher, offer the People aid. But when Dr. Crusher’s highly secure files are accessed without permission—the same files that hold the secrets of the Shedai, a race whose powerful but half-understood scientific secrets solved the Andorian catastrophe—the People seem the likeliest suspects.

Three-hundred-and-four pages in length, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Missing will cost $7.99 and is available for pre-order on Amazon now. The book will be released on December 30.


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