Cho: Star Trek 4?



While doing promotion for his new series Selfie, John Cho addressed the future of Star Trek beyond Star Trek 3.

Cho was asked if this would be the last Trek movie for “your team, or for you as Sulu.”

“The reason I hesitate [to answer] is just wondering if we could get everyone,” said Cho “It seems to be an all or nothing proposition. Getting a whole cast together, that’s tough.”

But Cho would like to return for a fourth movie. “I want to say, for me, sure, let’s do another. I enjoy that group. I enjoy what Star Trek films do in general and say in general. And I will say one of the pleasures of having been in Star Trek movies has been seeing what effect they have in society, like astronauts saying, ‘I kind of got into this line of work because my imagination was sparked from watching Star Trek.’ That is very cool. What I’m trying to say is, I just stand by that product.”

What if everyone could return but one? Would the rest of the group return even though one would be recast? “I would have to think about that,” said Cho. “I guess you’d have to see when you got there, but I would like to keep it all together.”

Source: CraveOnline

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