CBS Launches Streaming Service


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CBS has jumped into the digital subscription service with the announcement that they will be offering CBS All Access for $5.99 a month.

The new service will be of interest to Star Trek fans, as all five live-action televised series will be available via the new service.

CBS All Access begins today, and is assessable via and on mobile devices through the CBS App for iOS and Android. Local CBS television stations in fourteen of the largest US markets will also be available for streaming.

The five thousand episode library of classic shows, including the Star Trek series, will be ad-free. Current and past seasons of CBS programming will have fewer ads than live local broadcasts.

“This product is definitely something we’re using to go after the ‘cord nevers,’ who are not subscribing to a bunch of other larger services that include our content — and there are definitely millions of those people in this country,” said Marc DeBevoise, CBS Interactive‘s executive VP of sports, news and entertainment. “In terms of cord-cutting or -shaving, our view is that our service is priced to be complementary to the other services that are out there. If you are interested in a large bundle of channels that has a lot of various things in it, you may not be a subscriber to this service. But if you’re deeply interested in one, two or many of our shows, getting our content outside of your home or buying earlier access to our content on mobile devices, then you’re one of our superfans and you’re going to convert.”

To sign up and to see what shows are offered, head to the link located here.

Source: CBS Newsvia The Hollywood Reporter

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