Beltran Introduces Shakespeare To Theater Group



A troupe of actors directed by Robert Beltran will introduce a Shakespeare play to the CASA 0101 theater company.

The actors will perform Julius Caesar beginning this Sunday.

Julius Caesar is the first Shakespeare play presented by the theater company in its ten-plus-year history. “It has always been part of my vision as artistic director of CASA 0101 Theater to bring classical literature like Shakespeare to the community of Boyle Heights (California),” said Theater Founder and Artistic Director Josefina Lopez.

Beltran has previously presented Shakespeare plays with the East L.A. Classic Theater Group, where he is the co-artistic director.

“In Julius Caesar, we are witnesses to the final death throes of the Roman republic,” said Beltran. “We are doing the Shakespearean text, but I didn’t want to set it in ancient Rome: I didn’t want to use togas. We’re doing it in a small house, and I thought that togas would distance the audience from the play. We’re trying to find a mix of ancient Rome and contemporary styles.”

Beltran sees parallels between ancient Rome and modern America. “The play speaks to great ideals our own country was founded upon, which have eroded and declined over the years,” he said. “William Shakespeare wrote his play as a cautionary tale for his own country, with Julius Caesar’s dictatorship serving as the centerpiece for the degradation of Republican ideals at that time in 44 BC, when the play is set.”

Julius Caesar opens at CASA 0101 this weekend, and will run through November 16. For more information on the play, head to the link located here.

Source: Redlands Daily Facts

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