USS Vengeance And More Starship Collection Ships

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Fans can have a sneak peek at the USS Vengeance and three other ships that will be arriving next year courtesy of The Official Starships Collection.

The other ships will include a Federation ship, a Klingon ship and an Andorian ship.

The USS Vengeance will be a special edition model; produced at a larger size (almost eight-and-a-half inches in length) to “reflect the huge size of the Vengeance.”

As usual, the ship will come with a magazine which “explores the design process and includes never-seen-before concept artwork and all new interviews with the Vengeance’s creators.”

The USS Vengeance can now be pre-ordered at Entertainment Earth, where it will sell for $37.99. Expect to see it in December in the UK and in March in the U.S.


The other three ships coming out in March soon will be:

  • The 22nd Century Klingon Bird-of-Prey (Issue 35)
  • The Oberth class USS Grissom (Issue 36)
  • The Andorian cruiser Kumari (Issue 37)

Source: The Trek Collective

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