UK Trek Ships Calendar Debuts

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The 2015 Danilo Star Trek Ships of the Line Calendar has just been released in the UK.

The calendar features twelve ships, but does not have a centerfold ship image.

According to The Trek Collective, the calendar is an “almost exact replica of the 2014 US Ships of the Line Calendar,” minus the centerfold ship image included in that release.


The ships included in this calendar are:

  • D’ama-class Klingon Battle Cruiser (cover of calendar)
  • Refit USS Enterprise, SW7-class shuttlecraft Herschel, travel pod
  • Columbia-class SS Enterprise, NX-class ship, Romulan birds-of-prey
  • Space Shuttle Enterprise, Shuttlepod, Enterprise NX-01, NCC-1701 and its refit version, Enterprises B, C, D
  • USS Reliant
  • USS Enterprise-E, Argo, Argo-type shuttle
  • Athabaska-class starship
  • USS Onimara, shuttlecraft
  • USS Repulse
  • USS Rio Grande, USS Excelsior
  • Ringed IXS Enterprise
  • NX-class starship
  • USS Enterprise-E

To order the calendar, which costs £6.20, head to the link located here.

Source: The Trek Collectivevia Memory Beta

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