Trek 3 Casting Rumor Reactions



Yesterday, TrekToday reported the rumor that William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy might appear in Star Trek 3, and today, there was reaction to that rumor.

Shatner and Roberto Orci addressed the rumor online.

Via a pinned Tweet on his Twitter account, Shatner dismissed the rumor. “Let’s talk ST,” he said. “I don’t know anything about the current gossip. Nobody has contacted me. Right now, it’s just rhetoric to cause hype.”

Star Trek 3 Director Orci also reacted to the rumor. “Love no-win scenarios,” he said. “In theory, damned either way.”

Proving his point, some considered his response a confirmation of the rumor, and Orci posted again. “Not in my interest to confirm or deny anything because it limits my options while maintaining my integrity as a truth teller,” he said. “The movie is not the movie till it is in the theater. Until then, everything is a rumor.”

We’ve all been this route before. Perhaps we’ll see Shatner and Nimoy in Star Trek 3; perhaps not.

Source: Shatner's Twitter Accountvia

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