The Wil Wheaton Project Axed



In a bit of surprising news, Wil Wheaton announced that his show, The Wil Wheaton Project, was not being renewed for the next season.

The actor received the news in a phone call from a Syfy executive last week.

According to that executive, the bean counters in New York “just didn’t think we had enough viewers to justify more episodes.” The show itself was just fine, said the executive, and “he loved it,” and “wanted to find other things to do together.”

“I didn’t say anything about the total lack of promotion off the network, or point out that our ratings were on par with The Soup, or that ratings are always lower in summer than the fall,” said Wheaton. “I didn’t bother saying any of that, because I know he knows that. I was reasonably confident that he made those arguments with New York when he was trying to get the show renewed. I presume he fought hard for us, but ultimately couldn’t sway executives in New York who never seemed — in my opinion — to really understand what kind of show we were doing, who I was and why I was hosting it, and how to engage with and promote to the audience who would like it.”

But Wheaton was “grateful, though, to the people at Syfy who believed in us and gave us a chance to succeed. I’m grateful for the creative support we got, and I’m grateful that I got to spend my summer working with wonderful, talented, funny people. I grew a lot of levels in comedy writing over the last eighteen weeks or so, and I owe it all to the amazing people I got to work with.”

Now Syfy can go back to making sci-fi “classics” such as Sharknado part infinity and doomer films so bad that they have could provided Mystery Science Theater 3000 with comedy fodder for the next century or so.

Source: Wil Wheaton's Blog

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