New Trek Trading Card Series

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A series of trading cards from Rittenhouse Archives features Star Trek aliens.

The cards will make their debut this November.

The new series of cards include one hundred basic cards, plus:

  • sketch cards (randomly inserted)
  • sixty autograph cards (in one of eight packs)
  • eighteen sticker cards (in one of sixteen packs)
  • gold versions of the cards (in one of twenty-four packs)
  • nine “first appearance” cards (in one of twenty-four packs)
  • nine “quotable Klingon” cards (in one of twenty-four packs)
  • ten alien ships cards (in one of twenty-four packs)
  • six alien badge/pin cards (in one of two-hundred-and-eighty-eight packs)

Each pack contains five cards. Each box contains twenty-four packs, and each case contains twelve boxes. If purchasing by the case, there will be:

  • 2 case toppers (Borg or Klingon poster design by Juan Ortiz). One per case.
  • Hand-drawn sketch cards by Warren Martineck card (six-case incentive).
  • Painted sketch cards by Mick and/or Matt Glebe (nine-case incentive).
  • Archive box, with exclusive “relic” card (eighteen-case incentive).

Source: The Trek Collective

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