German Volkswagen Campaign Features Trek Actors



A new Volkswagen Deutschland campaign will feature William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy.

Nimoy has done previous work for the US Volkswagen company.

Recently the Facebook page for Volkswagen Deutschland posted a Vulcan hand greeting, with the words “Wir grüßen unsere Fans auf der Erde – und auch die vom Planeten Vulkan,” or “We greet our fans on Earth and also from the planet Vulcan.”

Now they’ve posted a video featuring people trying to do the Vulcan salute, and included amongst those in the video are Nimoy and Shatner, with Nimoy wearing a blue sweater, and Shatner wearing a gold one.

“What do these men want to say to us? More on October 3, 2014.”

The Volkswagen Deutschland page can be found here.


Source: Volkswagen Deutschland Facebook Page

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