Orange Is The New Black On Conan Last Night

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The cast of Orange is the New Black, including Kate Mulgrew, appeared on Conan last night.

On the show, Mulgrew gets her revenge on Conan for something he made her do years ago on his show.

“Fifteen years ago, you almost destroyed my career,” said Mulgrew, when Conan asked why she had a grudge against him. “In front of millions, he forced me to perform an Irish jig!”

Conan denied the charge, but a clip was provided as proof, and the jig can be seen below.

“What goes around comes around,” Mulgrew told Conan. “Get up and dance!”

Conan then got up and did a rather wild jig. “It’s not really revenge,” he said, “if that the crap I’m doing all the time on this show!”

Source: Team Coco

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