Kroot Was Inspired By Takei

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Jennifer Kroot, the director of To Be Takei, decided to make the documentary about the actor after reading his autobiography.

“I couldn’t believe Mr. Sulu had been imprisoned by the U.S. government and then gone on to become so beloved,” she said. “I felt compelled to reach out to him.”

Takei and husband Brad were receptive to the idea of a documentary on Takei, provided that it “not come out like a reality TV show. As a gay couple, they wanted people to see that their private life was no big secret,” said Kroot; “that they bicker and make up just like everyone else. George rolled with it. He is a natural ham. He loves being popular, whether it’s answering the door or going to the grocery store or signing autographs at a convention for 10 hours straight. He’s always on, always engaged, always laughing.”

Kroot explained why Takei is so popular, particularly online. “For starters, he’s an original crew member of Star Trek, the most widely syndicated show ever,” she said. “For many, that show is practically a religion. Then, as an older guy he decides to speak honestly about who he is and suddenly he’s an LGBT hero. That’s admirable. Then you find out he was imprisoned as a child by the U.S. government … that journey just brings incredible depth that resonates. And then he has that incredible voice…He’s considered by tech people to be the most important person on Facebook because his posts are so widely shared. Younger people who don’t know Star Trek now refer to him at “that comedian from Facebook!”

As for the Takei-Shatner feud, what’s the truth about that? “Um, they don’t like each other,” said Kroot. “Shatner only gave us ten minutes, but it was an exciting interview, and I appreciate he was willing.”

To Be Takei is currently screening around the country and will be available on iTunes and On Demand beginning August 22.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle

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