Westland Trek Merchandise Update

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Last month, TrekToday reported on some new Star Trek-themed merchandise, and recently, pricing for the items has been announced.

The merchandise includes cookie jars, salt and pepper shakers, mugs, a metal tote, and lighted canvas prints.


TrekMerc061314Two new cookie jars, featuring Picard and Worf, will sell for $44.99 each.

There are also two sets of salt and pepper shakers; one featuring Picard and Riker, and the other featuring Worf and Data. Each set of shakers will sell for $15.99.


Four mugs are available and fans can choose from Picard, La Forge, Worf, or Troi. The mugs will sell for $14.99 each.

A “Monster Mug” (52 ounces) has Kirk, McCoy, Scotty, Spock, Uhura and the USS Enterprise. The mug will cost $16.99.

A tin tote shows Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Scotty, Uhura, Sulu, and the USS Enterprise.


Two lighted canvas prints include one featuring Starbase 74, and one with a scene from the Klingon homeworld. Each lighted print will sell for $21.99.

The Westland items are now available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth.

Source: StarTrek.com

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