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A Kickstarter project by James and Trude Forscher seeks to fund a documentary “exploring the genesis of Star Trek through the personal insight of its creator.”

The documentary will feature Forscher’s interview with Gene Roddenberry, which was recently found after being missing for almost thirty years, and interviews with surviving cast members.

“Back in April 1985, I was fortunate to arrange a filmed interview with him,” said Forscher. “I was producing a show on censorship in Hollywood and had read about the challenges Star Trek faced in its first years on television. A cast member of the original crew called on my behalf, and Roddenberry gave me an interview that explored the genesis of how Star Trek came about. He passionately described the battles he fought with the networks, studios and an intolerant society that made the show a truly groundbreaking event in modern television history.

“Soon after conducting the interview, I was told by my show’s executive producer to cut out the Roddenberry interview. The footage went back in my vault and sat there for nearly thirty years. In 2012, after a thorough organization of my film collection, I found several incorrectly marked boxes that contained the Gene Roddenberry interview.”

The Kickstarter seeks to raise $15,000, which will enable Forscher to “create a documentary roughly twenty-two minutes in length with three interviews in addition to Mr. Roddenberry and license three [or] four film clips.” If more money is raised, more interviews would be included.

The fundraiser includes perks and runs through August 10. For more information on The Gene Roddenberry Project Kickstarter, head to the link located here.

Source: The Gene Roddenberry Project

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