Star Trek/Planet of the Apes Crossover



A new comic series by IDW Publishing will combine the originals series with Planet of the Apes.

The crossover will be titled Star Trek/Planet of the Apes: The Primate Directive.

Planet of the Apes and Star Trek are groundbreaking science-fiction properties and both deal with many of the same social issues and themes,” said Greg Goldstein, IDW President & Chief Operating Officer. “A crossover between the two is a natural and long overdue.”

A short description of the series came from one of the two writers of the series, David Tipton. “With the Klingons secretly backing a renegade gorilla general in a coup for control of Ape City, Captain Kirk finds himself in the uncomfortable position of having to help out Dr. Zaius’ orangutans. Taylor won’t be happy with that!”

Scott and David Tipton will be penning the series, with art and cover being provided by Rachael Stott.

TrekToday will provide more information on the series as it becomes available.

Source: StarTrek.comvia The Trek Collective

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