Orci: Trek 3 Progress



Although he is slated to direct Star Trek 3, Roberto Orci‘s concern at the moment is getting the story for the movie completed and approved.

Orci is writing the story for Star Trek 3 along with J.D. Payne and Patrick McKay.

“I’m still in the middle of writing the script with Payne and McKay, so I’m not scared yet about anything,” said Orci. “We’re just trying to get through making a draft that the studio likes. So until they read a draft, nothing feels real to me. Right now it’s just, figure out the story. Then, suddenly, if they really do want to make this version of the movie, that’s when the fear starts to set in. The minute you’re green lit, that’s when it becomes real. Until they have the script it’s all just pie in the sky.”

The crew of the USS Enterprise is now ready for their five-year-mission, said Orci. In previous movies, “…we started at childhood and we met their parents, and we see that Kirk was born on Earth,” he said. “We see a lot of things that make it accessible to a general audience. Now that we’ve established that in the movies, and now that they have set off on their five-year mission, now we can finally return back to where the characters started originally in ’67, right? When we first met Kirk and Spock — the first time we ever heard of them — they were on their five-year mission. So finally, through the efforts of our first two movies, we’ve now I think earned that place back. We’ve earned their adventure to be in deep space and to literally be on their five-year mission. That’s something we haven’t been able to cover yet in the first two movies. So now we get to play with the concept that we were first introduced to when we first saw the show years ago.”

Source: IGN

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