MicroWarriors Releases Next Week

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MicroWarriors, a new documentary film that explores the world of beneficial bacteria, will be released on DVD on August 1.

The film was narrated by Leonard Nimoy, directed by his son Adam Nimoy, and co-produced by his daughter Julie Nimoy.

MicroWarriors: Special Edition takes viewers ‘inside the world’ of beneficial bacteria and the human microbiome. Viewers will learn everything about probiotics, starting with their discovery in the early 20th century, to how they are tested and produced, plus the latest scientific research from some of the most knowledgeable probiotic experts in the world.”

“With all the confusion and myths surrounding probiotics today, I’m very pleased to be directing this landmark film, MicroWarriors: Special Edition,” said Adam Nimoy. “This informative and insightful film will explore the world of probiotics and feature special segments on Probiotics and Children’s Health, Probiotics and your Pet’s Health, as well as well a special segment on the trillions of micro-organisms inside the human body collectively referred to as the ‘Human Microbiome.'”

“It’s a joy to be working with an icon like Leonard Nimoy,” said Alan Murray, CEO of GoodBelly. “We applaud his efforts in spreading awareness of probiotics and the importance of maintaining good health.”

MicroWarriors is an hour-and-forty minutes long. The DVD will be available at Swanson’s Vitamins beginning August 1.

Source: Press Release

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