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Two more ships have been announced by The Official Starships Collection.

The ships include one seen on Star Trek: Voyager, and one seen on Star Trek: Enterprise.

The first ship, due out next week in the UK, is the Xindi Insectoid ship seen on Enterprise. Designed by John Eaves, the ship was “inspired by… crab claws.” In the magazine that accompanies this ship (issue twenty-four), “the magazine also reveals how Dan Curry designed the Xindi insectoids themselves.”

Next up will be the USS Prometheus, seen in Star Trek: Voyager (Message in a Bottle). In the magazine accompanying the USS Prometheus model, previously unknown technical details regarding the ship are revealed, and original concept artwork from Rick Sternbach, including earlier versions of the ship, are included.

To pre-order the Xindi Insectoid ship, head to the link located here. The Prometheus can be pre-ordered here.

Source: The Trek Collective

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