Drexler: NX Engineering Room Construction

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A new video uploaded to Vimeo by Doug Drexler shows construction work on the NX-01 Enterprise.

Drexler kept video records during the time the NX sets were constructed and in this short video, the NX engineering room is featured.

“One of the most thrilling things about working on Star Trek was watching the construction gang in the “Marathon Mill” take our sketches and blueprints and make them real,” said Drexler, “and like magic, sets would seemingly coalesce from thin air.”

“[The Marathon Mill was] a rough and tumble world of pneumatic nail guns, saber saws and testosterone,” said Drexler. “[It] was a wild and woolly pirate ship that demanded a thick skin and a sense of humor to successfully navigate. Working with construction was one of the funnest, coolest and most satisfying experiences of my widely varied life in Hollywood. Our Star Trek machine was well oiled, and in its veins flowed trust, affection, and admiration. I don’t believe that I have ever worked on another show where cooperation between departments was so powerful.

“During construction of the NX sets I kept a video record, and this stuff’ll knock your socks off. The first installment makes maximum montage of the construction of the NX warp core and engineering department. Hey you know it, and I know it: A cool engineering department is central to a starship, and we were especially proud of this one. It’s a remarkable document of a very ambitious Star Trek set, and baby you are there!”

NX Engineering and The Marathon Mill from Doug Drexler on Vimeo.

Source: Doug Drexler's Vimeo Page

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