Cho As Romantic Lead

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Star Trek into DarknessJohn Cho will be playing an unfamiliar role this autumn, that of the romantic lead.

Cho will co-star with Karen Gillan in Selfie, a modern remake of Pygmalion.

Playing the romantic lead is definitely different for the actor, best known as Sulu in Star Trek, or stoner Harold Lee in Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle. “I would call this revolutionary,” he said. “It’s certainly a personal revolution for me.

“Asians narratively in shows are insignificant. They’re the cop, or the waitress, or whatever it is. You see them in the background. So to be in this position…is a bit of a landmark.”

In addition to playing the romantic lead, Cho is in an interracial relationship, which is something that is not an issue in Selfie. “To not even talk about it is a really new and, I think, mature way to look at it,” said Cho.

Selfie debuts this fall on ABC.

Source: The Star

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