Trek Stars Join Reading Rainbow Event

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Some new perks for the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter were added recently, and will surely be of interest to Trek fans.

The perks include several live storytime events called Reading Rainbow Live! which feature Star Trek actors.

The events include readings with Patrick Stewart, William Shatner, the Women of Star Trek, and the Men of Star Trek.

The Stewart and Shatner events, for a $1,200 pledge, include Reading Rainbow Live with Stewart or Shatner. Donors receive three tickets to join Burton and Stewart (New York City) or Shatner (Los Angeles) for a special live storytime event (travel and accommodations not included). Donors also get everything included in the $200 perk package. Note that the Stewart event is already sold out.

For a $1,700 pledge, fans (and two friends) can attend the same type of event with either Shatner or Stewart, and will get time to talk to Burton and either Shatner or Stewart at a small Meet and Greet. Plus – there will be souvenirs, an autograph and everything in the $200 perk package. Again, travel and accommodations not included. The Stewart event is sold out.

Two other $1,200 donation level events include Reading Rainbow Live with Burton and the Women of Star Trek, or the Men of Star Trek. Fans receive three tickets for the event to be held in Los Angeles, which includes the reading, souvenirs, an autograph, and everything in the $200 package. The females participating include Kate Mulgrew, Marina Sirtis, Gates McFadden, and Jeri Ryan. The males participating include Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner, Michael Dorn, and Robert Picardo.

The $1,700 donation level includes attending the reading with either the men’s or women’s group, souvenirs, an autograph, everything in the $200 package, and a small Meet and Greet where the donor can meet Burton and either group.

For more information, head to the link located here.

Source: Reading Rainbow Kickstarter Program

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