New Trek Items From Westland Giftware

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Several new Trek-themed items should be of interest to fans of Star Trek: The Next Generation and of the original series.

The new merchandise includes cookie jars, salt and pepper shakers, mugs, lighted canvas prints, and a metal tote.


The new cookie jars include two based on The Next Generation characters; one based on Picard, and one based on Worf.

The salt and pepper shakers come as a set of two. One set includes Picard and Riker, and another set features Worf and Data.


The Next Generation mugs feature Picard, Worf, Troi, and La Forge.

Lighted canvas prints are now available for The Next Generation fans, including Starbase 74, or Qo’noS.


For original series fans, there is a new fifty-two ounce mug featuring Kirk and crew, as well as the USS Enterprise. There is also a metal tote tin with the seven main characters, and the USS Enterprise.

No release dates have been provided yet, but the products are expected to start releasing later this year.

Source: The Trek Collective

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