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A new Star Trek parody book, Fun with Kirk and Spock, will be released next month.

Fun with Kirk and Spock was written by Robb Pearlman in the style of the children’s reading book Fun with Dick and Jane. Gary Shipman provided the illustrations.

Author Pearlman has been a fan of Trek since his childhood days. “I’ve never lived in a world without Star Trek, so there was never a time when I wasn’t aware of and drawn to it in some way,” he said. “When I was a kid, I loved watching it for the aliens, adventures, and action. And all that tech was fascinating. Carrying a phone on your belt or talking to someone on a screen? The future was going to be crazy. As I got older, I really came to appreciate the movies and the different series on entirely different levels. The layered storytelling, the interesting characters, and of course the allegorical and groundbreaking statements it made over the years about class, race, age, gender, the environment, and, well, I’m sure I’m leaving something out. Nothing’s perfect, but I’d be hard pressed to think of another pop culture property that’s tackled so many issues over so long as Star Trek.”

Childhood love of Trek led to the idea of writing the book in the style of a Dick and Jane story. “I was meeting all these people at Comic Cons and book and comic book stores and just in every day life who had these deep personal connections with Star Trek,” Pearlman said. “How the show had gotten them through a tough time, or how they related to one character or another or even just loving a certain episode or movie. So many of these stories started in childhood, and I was really struck by the idea that Star Trek, like a beloved children’s book, could be a formative force in children’s lives. I thought that in their own way, Kirk and Spock were like Dick and Jane – each showed kids how to live and explore. Well, those were two great tastes that tasted great together, and I started writing little stories for my own enjoyment, just to see what I could do with the concept. A year or so later we have a book.”

This book is aimed at original series fan, but what about fans of The Next Generation? “The See the Borg. See the Borg Assimilate story is already written,” said Pearlman.

Fun with Kirk and Spock will sell for $14.95 and is currently available to be pre-ordered here.

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