Starship Exeter Completes Second Episode



The final act of Starship Exeter‘s second episode, The Tressaurian Intersection, has debuted online.

Filming on The Tressaurian Intersection began ten years ago, and fans have had to wait until now for the final act of the episode.

The USS Exeter (NCC-1706) is a “sister-ship” to James T. Kirk’s USS Enterprise. The former crew of the USS Exeter was wiped out in the original series episode The Omega Glory.

In The Tressaurian Intersection, “Captain Garrovick (Jimm Johnson billed as James Culhane) and crew [are] in a three-way struggle against the Tressaurians with whom Garrovick has a troubled past and the Tholians, who combine a xenophobic streak with expansionist ambitions. In addition, there are hints of personal cross-currents and tensions in the command structure.”

Others appearing in The Tressaurian Intersection include Holly Guess, Michael Buford, Joshua Caleb (Joshua Johnson), Elizabeth Wheat, Garry Peters, Joe Azzato, Steve Lawson, Cody Hammock, and Curtis Staller.

The Tressaurian Intersection features a teleplay by Dennis Russell Bailey, and story by Jimm Johnson, Josh Johnson, and Maurice Molyneaux. Jimm Johnson was Executive Producer,  while Josh Johnson and Joel Sarchet served as producers. Scott Cummins directed and edited the production; Maurice Molyneaux was Post-Production Producer; David Weiberg was Post-Production Supervisor, and music was provided by Ben Jasmine Music, and Hetoryn Music (the latter for Act 4/finale only).

The final act begins at the 39:15 minute mark of the episode, which has a total runtime of 51:46 minutes. Note: When viewing the video below, it starts at the Act Four point. Reset the video to the beginning to watch the episode in its entirety.

Source: Starship Exetervia

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