Star Trek: New Visions #1 Sneak Peek



IDW Publishing‘s newest Star Trek comic goes on sale tomorrow, but fans can see a preview of the issue today.

Star Trek: New Visions #1: The Mirror – Cracked features a story, art and cover by John Byrne.

In Star Trek: New Visions #1: The Mirror – Cracked, a new ongoing bi-monthly series begins “by going through the looking glass to tell the story of what happened after the classic Mirror, Mirror episode of the original series. The crew discovers two strangers in their midst, and quickly learns that one has made a pact with one of James Kirk’s oldest foes.”

Forty-eight pages in length, Star Trek: New Visions #1: The Mirror – Cracked will sell for $7.99.

To see preview pages, click on the thumbnails. More images can be seen at the referring site.






Source: Comics Continuum

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