Nimoy: Award Brings Closure



Leonard Nimoy will be appearing with the Boston Pops this weekend, and that appearance will probably be the last Pops appearance for the actor.

An award to be presented to Nimoy after that, on June 7, will bring an end to the actor’s long career.

Nimoy spoke about the role that made him famous, and what attracted him to the role of Spock. “I took the job primarily because the character had great potential,” he said. “The character had an inner life, and you didn’t get a lot of that in TV back then. He had a mixed heritage and was conflicted about that. And my belief has always been that an actor brings something of his own to a part.

“Also, it was steady work,” said Nimoy, who had “ten years of odd jobs” before he could finally support himself; including driving a taxi, selling life insurance, and cleaning fish tanks. “It was the first contract I got that ran for several months so I was pretty excited about that.”

Nimoy is appearing with the Boston Pops for Out of This World, which takes place Friday and Saturday at Symphony Hall in Boston. Nimoy said that he was “99.7 percent sure this will be my last Boston performance.”

After that comes the Governor’s Award presentation from the Boston chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, due to take place June 7. The award will “give me a sense of closure,” said Nimoy. “They give the award for an extended body of work and the durability and scope of that work, so I really am honored. I’ve been nominated five times and I’ve never held an Emmy in my hands so I’m looking forward to that at age eighty-three.”

Although he is pretty much retired, Nimoy appears at Trek conventions; but these days does so via Skype. He appeared via Skype at Away Mission in Florida in April, and will be appearing via Skype at Shore Leave 36 in Baltimore this August.

Source: The Boston Herald

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