New Trek T-Shirts

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Twelve new Trek-themed T-shirts from Trevco will be of interest to Star Trek fans.

The shirts feature designs based on the original series, The Next Generation and the Haynes Manuals.

The shirts are as follows:

  • Three Haynes Manual design shirts
  • Kirk and Enterprise
  • Enterprise-D and Klingon ship
  • Five Captains and their ships/space stations
  • TOS crew and Enterprise bridge
  • Picard, Worf, and Enterprise-D
  • Kirk, Spock and Enterprise (2 different shirts)
  • TOS crew and Enterprise
  • Kirk, Spock, McCoy and Enterprise

The shirts, which can be ordered at Amazon, cost between $24.95-$40.70, price depending upon style and size.

Click on thumbnails to see larger images. More shirts can be found at the Amazon link.










Source: The Trek Collective

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