More Trek-related Saturn Award Nominees



Several special awards were announced for the 40th Annual Saturn Awards.

Three of the four special awards include names familiar to Star Trek fans.

Bryan Fuller, best-known to Trek fans for his writing on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and Star Trek: Voyager, will be presented with the Dan Curtis Legacy Award, which is given annually in honor of Producer/Director Dan Curtis (Dark Shadows, The Night Stalker).

Actor Malcolm McDowell, Star Trek: Generation‘s Soran, will receive a Life Career Award.

Author Marc Cushman wrote the Sarek episode for The Next Generation. Two volumes of his latest work, These are the Voyages – TOS, have been published with one more volume to follow. Cushman will receive the Special Recognition Award for is recent book publications on Star Trek.

Other nominations of interest to Star Trek fans can be seen here.

The 40th Annual Saturn Awards will take place June 26 at the Castaway Starlight Ballroom.

Source: Press Release

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