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Star Trek into DarknessJohn Cho has taken on a different role as a bad guy in That Burning Feeling.

In the comedy, Cho is Roger Whitacre, “morally bankrupt real-estate baron.”

In That Burning Feeling, a “real-estate developer … contracts an STD and is forced to retrace a loose string of one-night stands to share in the bad news.

Joining Cho is Paolo Costanzo as the “hapless infectee,” and Ingrid Haas as the “righteous romantic interest.”

Cho described his character in That Burning Feeling. “[Whitacre] is maybe a sociopath,” he said. “I don’t know what his mother and father did to him to make him love himself so much, but he just lacks empathy and is convinced that everything he does is pure and right.”

Whitacre is determined to tear down a community center and replace it with a condo development, gentrifying the area. “I’m experiencing a similar thing on the east side of Los Angeles,” said Cho. “It’s not condos, but it’s historically been a Latino neighborhood, and it was a gay neighborhood, and they’re renters. So sometimes I wonder, ‘Okay, I own a house here, so it’s ostensibly good for the neighborhood,’ but people are being displaced for this to happen. There’s a human cost, and it’s not entirely visible to me, but you know it’s there.’

Cho is content with his career thus far, realizing that he has been lucky. “When I started in this business, I really thought it would be dismal,” he said. “I thought I would still be working as a waiter. But things have really spiked in a good way.

“I’m doing better than I ever thought I would. I even have action figures that look like me.”

That Burning Feeling opens in Canada tomorrow.

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