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After a two-and-a-half-year hiatus, the fan production Star Trek: The Continuing Mission is returning with a new episode.

The eighth episode of the series, Cathedral in the Void, will debut next month.

Star Trek: The Continuing Mission is an audio series which chronicles the “adventures of the USS Montana under the command of Starfleet veteran, Captain Paul Edwards. During the pilot episode the Montana is flung from its native time period of the 23rd century into the 24th and unable to get back. The crew, feeling a century out of date, chooses to continue the one thing that is familiar, their Starfleet mission.”

Some familiar Star Trek guest stars have taken part in Star Trek: The Continuing Mission, including Lawrence Montaigne (Amok Time‘s Stonn), Celeste Yarnall (The Apple), Daniel Roebuck (The Next Generation‘s Jaron), Spice Williams-Crosby (Star Trek V: The Final Frontier’s Vixis), and Larry Nemecek.

Star Trek: The Continuing Mission was created by Sebastian Prooth and Andy Tyrer. Prooth explained why the audio series went on hiatus, and how the decision was made to resume the series. “Producing an audio drama with a cast and crew as far-flung as ours with everyone working for free can create problems in the long term,” he explained. “I had left the production shortly before Earth [the last episode] and the editors had trouble keeping their day job, a personal life and a show on track. The important this is we are back now and moving forward!”

A fan of Star Trek: The Continuing Series was responsible for the resurrection of the series. “I was approached by email by a guy from Canada, Matheiu Blondin,” said Prooth. “He told me that he loved Continuing Mission and would love to help on the production. That day I got on Skype with him and quickly learned he had the necessary skills and discipline to work on a show like this. I decided to revive the show after talking to Patrick McCray at the end of last year but we didn’t have someone we know could reliably put the episodes together until Matt came along; we’re lucky to have him.”

The hiatus meant some changes when it came to the cast, which will take effect with Cathedral in the Void. “As of the episode Earth, Tim Renshaw‘s Edwards was replaced with the voice of actor Scott Martineck and starting with Cathedral in the Void, Doctor Wilson will be played by another stage acting and directing veteran, Charles Miller,” said Prooth. “There is also a new voice for the character of Plummer coming and decisions are still being finalized there. The rest of the troupe remains unchanged from We Will Control All That You See and Hear and should stay pretty much the same from here on out. We are really excited about the team of actors we have on the production. Everyone involved has stage experience and with Star Trek you need it. Try saying ‘divert emergency power to the phase endusers’ credibly without a few lines of Shakespeare under your belt.”

What can fans expect from Cathedral in the Void next month? “HP Lovecraft, the father of modern horror, consigned his unspeakable creations to the farthest reaches of the final frontier,” said Prooth. “For Starfleet, it was only a matter of time. Most call them aliens. Some know them as the Elder Gods. In the time before time, they ruled the Earth. Now, the only thing that can stop their return is Captain Edwards and the crew of the USS Montana.”

The first seven episodes are available here, under “episodes.”

Source: Star Trek: The Continuing Mission

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