Star Trek: Fleet Captains Game Expansion

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Wizkids has announced a fourth faction for the Star Trek: Fleet Captains game.

The original sets include the Federation, Klingons, and Romulans.

The new addition, expected out in August, is the Dominion set.

“Victory is life! The Dominion seeks to conquer the Alpha Quadrant in this expansion set to Star Trek: Fleet Captains,” said the announcement from Wizkids. “The Dominion fleet brings together the forces of the Cardassians, the Breen, and the Jem’Hadar led by the Vorta and the Founders. This expansion set also introduces a new Saboteur sub-type: Shapeshifters!”

The Dominion set will include twelve new Jem’Hadar, Breen, and Cardassian ships, and will include ten “sub-decks of ten cards each, ten encounter cards, and twenty-five espionage mission cards.” There will also be a Dominion expansion rule sheet “to build upon the Star Trek: Fleet Captains base game rules.”

Note that the packaging pictured above this article is not the final packaging.

Source: The Trek Collective

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